About Us

Lindow-White Machine Works is the result of the collaboration of Steve White and David Lindow. When they met in May 2005 they soon discovered that each of them shared the idea of again producing machines and tooling for the ornamental turning world that had long been out of production and available only to those with deep pockets. Over the course of the next year they bounced ideas back and forth about a small machine that would have a lot of capability yet be affordable and compact. The machine would need to be a stand alone unit made of quality materials. One of the biggest obstacles was that of the rosettes.

Through much research Steve was able to come up with a list of designs that were interesting, put these designs into CAD, and have them produced economically. After much experimentation he narrowed these designs down to about 20 which allow one an infinite amount of different patterns. Another obstacle was the rubbers or touches. Again Steve, through much research, came up with a list of designs that proved to be effective. Some of the earlier designs were again weeded out, but in the end he proved what would be most effective to give the largest amount of patterns. He also did a lot of work on finding out how these rubbers are used most effectively. Having these two matters settled, it was time to begin working on a prototype of a working rose engine.

By July 2006 the basic machine’s design had been conceptualized. At that point wood patterns were made and iron castings were obtained from them. These castings were then machined to produce the prototype which was demonstrated first at the 2006 convention of Ornamental Turners International in Portsmouth, NH. Since that show the design has been refined, and some changes were made to improve the machine. One such change was in the spring system which allow for greater changes in amplitude allowing for rosettes with greater differences in their lobes. Another change was to increase the divisions in the index from 48 to 96 in order to make it more user friendly for traditional ornamental turning.

The first production run of their new Rose Engine machines was delivered in spring 2007. Both Steve’s and David’s occupation lend themselves well to the task of building such machines. Steve is a toolmaker for an aircraft company, and David is a clockmaker producing period style clock movement reproductions as well as machinery for the clock trade. You can see David's clock making website at: www.lindowclockmaker.com.

While both of these two love vintage machines, Steve has been driven by his desire to apply rose engine work and ornamental turning to practical objects, and David is driven by the love of building machines and mechanisms that are useful and difficult to find. Steve has worked tirelessly in helping many get started in rose engine work producing videos, picture albums, copies of old catalogues, and distributing them to people interested in Ornamental Turning. For many he has become an invaluable resource.

Because the Lindow-White rose engine has been very popular our next sale will be machine #73. Because of this we now have complete rose engines in stock …. no more waiting for your new rose engine.